Chinese food – rice noodles

In the other blog four typical of Chinese food, it introduced a bit of Chinese food, and I know, you would not be pleased with only read words and look at pictures, so I will introduce two types of rice noodles that you can eat within Cardiff area.

In china, there are also thousands of different way to cook rice noodles,  I would like to introduce two famous types rice noodles and recommend the restaurant in Cardiff and also give the easiest homemade noodle recipe.

The old proverb state: “Rice is the main food for people in the south part of china and flour food for north part”. Because of the environment conditions farmers plants more rice crop in south part of china and plants more wheat crop in north part of china. Noodles usually made from rice in the South of China, noodles usually made from flour in the North of China.

Rice noodles

The most popular rice noodles in china are Guizhou rice noodles, The common rice noodles people often buy is this types of rice noodles.

The other popular rice noodles type is Hor Fun, which is as regular dishes in Cantonese. It is a bit thin than Guizhou rice noodles, and a bit wider.

Popular rice noodles dishes:

Chinese food – Luosi rice noodles


Chinese food – Fried Ho Fun with beef


Homemade Fried beef Hor Fun recipe:


  1. Beef slices 300g
  2. Hor Fun 500g
  3. Spring onion as much as you like
  4. Beansprouts as much as you like
  5. Cooking wine 1 teaspoon
  6. Soy sauce 2 teaspoon
  7. Oyster sauce 1 teaspoon
  8. Salt as much as you like


  1. Heat up cooking oil in a pan, when oil became of hot add beef slices and stir fry until beef’s color changes to lighter brown.
  2. Put cooked beef to a plate and pour cooking oil again.
  3. After oil hot, add Hor Fun and beansprouts and spring onion, stir fry about 10 minutes, add cooking wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and salt.
  4. Add beef, stir fry about 5 minutes.
  5. Serve it.

Recommend restaurant in Cardiff

Chinese food – King prawn rice noodles (£6.8)


It is a nice small start- up Chinese restaurant which has tasty food and fair price, there is also hor fun which I did not try last time, but the restaurant offers authentic rice noodles, highly recommend.

Restaurant name: Happy lok Diner

address: 53 Crwys Road, Cardiff, CF2 4ND.

place you can buy rice noodles:

Store name: Yongjia superstore

Address: Castle Ln, Cardiff, CF24 3BJ

fangbian luosifen

Luosi rice noodles (instant rice noodles with Ingredients)

It is a bit expensive than I expected (£5 per pack) but it is good.

This is the finished version of that pack:



The four typical Chinese food

Western countries’ people usually think that sweet and sour sauce is the most represent sauce which been used for Chinese food. In fact, those Chinese food cooked with sweet and sour sauce is not the typical Chinese food, it is Chinese food that been evolved to suit western people’s taste.

China has the larger population, the richest and the most diversity landscapes. It leads to the four major different taste from the four part of china, those difference of types of cuisine not only defined by geography, climate, natural resources and environment but also by the cultural tradition and national customs.

There are four typical cuisines in china, which are Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and Huaiyang cuisine.


Shandong cuisine = North

Sichuan cuisine = West

Cantonese cuisine = South

Huaiyang cuisine = East

Shandong cuisine

Shandong located at downstream of the Yellow River, this area have a moderate climate, there is rivers, lakes, hills, plain and ocean. The diversity of landscape makes Shandong cuisine, even more, variety. The food frequency for fruit, vegetable, seafood, mushroom, dry food, and meat, in each dishes are around 15%-18%. The taste of Shandong cuisine are the combine of fresh and salt, most of the cooking skill been used is stir frying.

Represent dishes:

Chinese food – Braised prawn in tomato sauce

youmen daxia

Chinese food – Twisted large intestine

jiuzhuan dachang

Chinese food – Stir fried scalloped pork kidneys

youbao shuangcui

Sichuan cuisine

Sichuan located in the basin, there are mountains, hills, highland and plain within the area. The food frequency for meat are 50% which means in this type of cuisine meat is a common ingredient.

The common taste of Sichuan cuisine is pungent and spicy. Using cooking skill of fried, quick-fried, decocted, dry-fried and sautéing. This cuisine is most popular cuisine in china.

Represent dishes:

Chinese food – Mapo tofu

mapo doufu

Chinese food – Kung pao chicken

kongbao jiding

Chinese food – Hotpot


Cantonese cuisine

The Cantonese cuisine probably is the most well know Chinese food type in other countries, even the Chinese word “dim sum” become well know English word. Cantonese cuisine is the most decorated dishes of all of the four types. The taste of Cantonese cuisine is a bit lighter and fresher than others. The cooking skill is manifold, there are 21 kinds of cooking skill for Cantonese cuisine, such as steamed, braised, stewed, simmered, roasted, stir fried and etc.

Represent dishes:

Chinese food – Dim sum


Chinese food – Barbequed pork


Chinese food – Sliced boiled chicken


Huaiyang cuisine

Huaiyang cuisine demands a very high level of cutting skill and slicing technique, the taste of Huaiyang cuisine is also light and emphasize the original taste of different foods. The cooking skill used in common are braised, stewed and boiled.

Represent dishes:

Chinese food – Braised meatballs in soup; also known as”Braised lion head”


Chinese food – Sliced dried bean curd with chicken soup

jizhi gansi

Chinese food – Deep fried boneless mandarin fish; also known as”squirrel fish”

songshu guiyu

To find more about Chinese food, watch the documentary series: A bite of China.