The stategic post

The three most influenced blog for me is Gourmetgorro, love to dine and easyteas, all of them a food related blog.

At the beginning, I only think of how to introduce the topic which I interest on, so like the first blog, four typical Chinese food, I just write down, what it is, and a bit about why it become like that, also give represent dishes as the example of that types of food.

After that, I have read bloggers from others, such as Gourmetgorro which introduce restaurant or cafes located at Cardiff and review the one he went to then give ideas for others.

Gourmetogorro set the target audience from general to people who lives in Cardiff or visits Cardiff.

Love to dine also set the target audience for people around Cardiff, the blog not only reviews restaurant and café but also review pubs and other products even wine.

Easyteas is a bit different to other two above, it gives recipes of different food.

In my point of view, all of the three blogs give the short introduction of what the blog main focus, so I add my introduction on the side of the blog to give people a bit background information about the blogger.

After reading other blogs I think the first blog which introduces general information about Chinese food is important because local people hardly misunderstand of Chinese food. Locals think that Chinese food is unhealthy, due to overuse stir fry cooking skills. But in fact, stir fry is only small part of the skills which been used when cooking Chinese food. I also give a famous Chinese food documentary YouTube video link. To show people what is real Chinese food.

So, on the second post, I understand the importance of target audience, which led to review the restaurant in the local area become important, and the key point of recipes, I try to narrow down the topic to target audiences within Cardiff. I add homemade Hor Fun’s recipes to show people how Chinese made they own food. And recommend local Chinese restaurant to tell the audience what is authentic Chinese food. Numbers of Chinese restaurant not only cook one types of Chinese cuisine but mixed of the four typical cuisines, so I think recommendation should be the one cuisine which is authentic not the whole restaurant’s dishes. And also did a bit about product reviews.

I learned from food related bloggers and recreate strategies to a mixed form, aim to target a bit more specific audience. For example, audiences from Cardiff area.


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